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Our Vision, Mission, and History

GiftCards.com™, the highest-ranking and most-trafficked gift card website on the Internet, is your one-stop shop for gift cards online.


To be the leader in gift cards.


m a k e ‘ e m s m i l e : )

Provide smiles to gifting buyers and recipients.

Be the employer of choice and provide smiles internally.

And finally, provide smiles to the less fortunate.

Our Values


Sincerity: Be honest and you will earn trust from peers, partners, and customers.

Modesty: Strive to grow from good to great, but be modest about it.

Integrity: Show integrity in all your actions.

Loyalty: Promote customer loyalty through a superior experience, be a “love” brand.

Equality: Treat everyone with fairness and equality–employees, customers, partners.

Our Focuses

  1. Personalization / Customization
  2. Speed of Delivery
  3. Variety
  4. No Fees
  5. Innovation

Gift Card Statistics

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Our founder grew up in Milton Hershey School, a school started for orphaned boys in 1909 by the founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company. Remembering a Christmas in 1977 when his family was on welfare, no heat, lying under a blanket with his mother, brother & sister there was a knock at the front door. Running to the door and peering out to a box of gifts left on his front door by strangers. He wanted someday to give gifts back… so in 1999 started a gifting business, and this site was born.

GiftCards.com was originally called directcertificates.com and was started in 1999 as a gift certificate website, selling over 150 merchant gift certificates. In 2003 we decided to change direction and sell only Visa gift cards instead of merchant gift certificates. We were able to successfully buy the domain name ‘giftcards.com’ and we began the process of converting the web site to sell only Visa gift cards. We found a sponsor bank, a processing partner, a fulfillment center, and we were off selling Visa gift cards. Business started out pretty good, because back then (2003 and 2004), Visa gift cards were not available in the retail stores, only online and we owned a great domain name for gift cards. We were one of five divisions of our parent company, and we employed only a handful of people.

In 2006, our parent company was sold to Digital River (NASDAQ:DRIV), we were bought back by our founder and we moved into a new office and setup new management. In late 2008 our founder came to join us full time, we put together a new business plan, and new direction for GiftCards.com. The new plan and new direction were centered around being able to provide our customers with a better product, broaden our product offering, have a new focus on corporate clients, and improve the way we deliver and service our product. We purchased a 20,000 sq ft fulfillment center, became Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Certified, brought all customer service in house, and started to provide all services needed by GiftCards.com, to accomplish the new business plan and vision for the company. Since 2008, we’ve grown to almost 100 employees, hiring industry leading executives, and a great supporting staff. We intend to be the worlds leader in gift cards, and to provide a smile on the faces of recipients.


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