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Egg-citing Easter Gift Card Holders

“Gifting Made Easy” by Gift Card Girlfriend

Easter is in three days. I just got done buying a few Easter clothes for the kids, and now it’s time to start thinking about those baskets. I know the rest of you are probably already done. But my kids have been on spring break this week, so my “free time” has been a little limited! Nonetheless, I had time to make these little Easter gift card holders that you can print and make…for free, of course!
easter gift card holder

How to Make Easter Gift Card Holders

Video on how to score Easter gift card holders

Watch Video: How to score gift card holders

These Easter gift card holders are simple cut, fold, and glue carriers. Since I printed the designs on card stock paper, I founds it is significantly easier to score the folds before attempting the folds. Using a ruler and a mechanical pencil (with the lead out), I scored the folding lines, corner to corner. Then I folded the card holders with ease.

I made a quick tutorial video that you can watch if you’re not sure what I mean.

The basic instructions are as follows:

  • Print. Print the free Easter gift card holder printable on your color printer.
  • Cut. Cut the holders out and get ready to fold.
  • Score. From the reverse side, use a ruler to “score” the folding lines. I used a mechanical pencil with the lead pushed in, but any fine-point tool will work. Just be careful not to cut the paper.
  • Fold. Fold the tabs in and glue to hold in place.

Make Holders with Your Own Designs

If you don’t like the gift card designs I created, then print the graphic anyway and use it as a template. Place the template on your favorite Easter scrapbook paper, trace around it, and cut the holder out. Score, fold, and glue it as I did above. Then add your own embellishments. Very flexible. After all, that’s what Gift Card Girlfriend is all about–helping you add a personal touch to the gift cards you give.

You can also create your own Easter gift cards using our predesigned images or by uploading one of your own. Get inspired with the Easter gift cards ideas I created on our Easter Gift Ideas page.

More Easter Gift Ideas

Hop on over to my Easter Gift Ideas Pinterest board for more fun Easter stuff. There are a ton of cute crafts and printables to choose from.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Gift Card Girlfriend

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