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Fun Holiday Gift Card Tree and Gift Card Wreath Ideas!

Gift Card Girlfriend Pinterest board on Gift Card Trees and Gift Card TreesIf you’re looking for group gift card ideas to get your tinsel all a tingle this holiday season, look no further. I just spent hours combing the Internet and diving into the black hole that is Pinterest to curate a fabulous collection of gift card trees and gift card wreaths that make perfect group gift card holders.

When I first wrote about gift card trees—back in the early days of Gift Card Girlfriend—the typical gift card tree was built on either a houseplant or a metal tree that could be used as a decoration after the gift cards were removed. Being sort of crafty myself (more Rachael than Martha), I created a printable set of gift card holders to turn any plant into a group gift for a teacher. That post, despite being a little outdated, is still one of my most popular posts.

The New Group Gift

The reason gift card wreaths and gift card trees are popular group gifts is because the organizer doesn’t have to collect money from anyone. Rather than taking contributions for a single gift card or requiring a designated dollar amount, participants are invited to donate gift cards in any denomination. There may be a gift card theme such as entertainment (movie gift cards, iTunes gift cards, etc.) or restaurant gift cards (Outback Steakhouse, Applebee’s, etc.), but most often people are invited to deliver any gift card in any amount. Plus, if there are more spaces in the holder than gift cards received, greeting cards and well wishes can be substituted.

Gift Card Girlfriend's gift card tree

Get Inspired

Whether you’re giving a group gift for the teacher, the office staff, the admin, your boss, a baby shower, a bridal shower, or even collecting for a family in need, consider one of the gift card presentation ideas on my “Gift Card Trees and Gift Card Wreaths” Pinterest Board. The pinned ideas are all scalable so they can accommodate however many gift cards you collect.

A highlight of what you’ll find is as follows:

  • Gift Card Trees. Plants, trees, metal trees, flower bouquets, and even painted sticks with gift cards tied to the stems in various fashions. Some gift cards are tied directly to the tree while others are tucked into decorative gift card holders before being attached to the tree. Some gift cards are tied to the foliage with ribbon, some are clipped on with clothespins, and others hang like ornaments. One of my favorite gift card trees even has gift cards tucked into the planter box below.
  • Gift Card Wreaths. Though a gift card tree is appropriate all year round, gift card wreaths are especially delightful during the holidays. Here again, the wreath can be anything from foliage or floral to curly-ribbon craftiness. Gift card wreaths can be designed to hold a random display of gift cards or a set number of gift cards such as this teacher gift card wreath from 25 students.

Collect for a Group Gift Card

The Blackberry Vine Blog Gift Card WreathIf, after all that creativity dump, you really just want an easy way to collect for a group gift card, consider the Group Gift option at All you have to do is create an account, designate a recipient, set a dollar amount, and notify potential contributors. We’ll handle the rest. When the time limit expires or the goal amount is reached, we’ll print the personalized gift card in a custom greeting card and deliver it for you. No more paying out of pocket, no more bugging people to send in promised money, and no more coming up short. Collecting for one group gift card is easy when you use this service.

So put yourself in the shoes of the recipient, and think how magical it would be to receive a tree dripping with gift cards, a wreath stuffed with gift cards, or a personalized group gift card funded with enough money to do some serious shopping. All three options make it easy for you to organize, collect, and present an amazing group gift this holiday season.

Happy Gift Carding!


P.S. Want more gift cards? Share your #giftcard love via the links below!

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