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The Best Wedding Table Gift Card Holders

Birdcage gift card holder wedding tableThough couples still seem to be setting up bridal registries, I haven’t purchased anything other than a gift card for a wedding reception or a bridal shower in years. I’m a practical gal. Remembering the impractical things my fiance and I registered for many moons ago reminds me that newlyweds are more likely to need a toilet brush than brushed nickel dinnerware.

Sometimes I get creative with wedding gift cards, such as giving an active couple a sporting goods gift card, or giving starving student couples a grocery store gift card. But most often, I give a gift card to the store at which they are registered … just in case they really do want fancy place settings.

The Wedding Gift Table

If you’ve been trolling Pinterest, you’ll notice I’m not alone in my gifting choices. Gift cards are the most popular item on wish lists from holidays to birthdays, and beyond. Gift registries are no exception. So savvy brides know to put a gift card holder on their gift table to make it easier for guests to know where gift cards are being collected.

Wedding Gift Card Holders

Luggage gift card holder for weddingOf the gift card holders I’ve seen (and are pinned on my Pinterest board), I prefer the ones that can be used in the couple’s home after the party is over. I also like the simple box styles that blend in with the other gifts. Below are a few of my favorite wedding table gift card holders:

Prevent Theft

Besides giving guests a place to put their gift cards, a large and obvious gift card display can also prevent theft. I recently saw a story in the news about wedding crashers who stole the bride and groom’s gift cards from their reception. Though the couple had set up a box to collect gift cards, it was only about the size of a shoebox and was left unattended while the wedding party partied. So the uninvited guest walked in, tucked the gift card box under his arm, and walked back out. Had the gift card holder been the size of a birdcage, mailbox, or wire heart frame, it would have been more difficult to swipe.

Whether you’re worried about having gift cards stolen or not, putting a gift card holder on the gift table will help guests know where to put the cards when they arrive at the reception. Having a nice display also ensures the cards won’t get misplaced amid the boxes of place settings, goblets, and toasters other guests purchased from the registry.

Happy Gift Carding!


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