Gift Card Statistics

Icon The Gift Card Industry

  • Over $100 Billion is spent on Gift Cards annually
  • 93% of U.S. consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually
  • Consumers spend an average of $213/year on gift cards
  • 83% of corporations use gift & prepaid cards for employee incentives

Icon Purchasing Habits

  • 72% of customers will spend MORE than the value of their card
  • On average the recipient will spend 20% MORE than their gift card value
  • 90% of gift cards are used within the first 60 days

Icon Where Consumers Buy Gift Cards

  • 31% – Gift card mall or kiosk (grocery/convenience stores)
  • 27% – Websites that sell multiple gift cards
  • 27% – In person at the retailer or restaurant
  • 16% – On the retailer or restaurants website

Icon Gift Cards Online

  • Online gift card sales are growing by 29% per year
  • 97% of the top retailers & restaurants sell their gift card online
  • 92% of those top retailers offer multiple card designs
  • Less than 3% of local businesses sell their gift card online