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e-Gift cards can be personalized with photos and messages.

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Select an e-gift card, add a message, and schedule delivery.

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Select the personal e-Greeting & Message.

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The Visa Virtual Gift, or eGift Card, is just like a normal Visa Gift Card except it is delivered electronically. The first step is to select the type of eGift Card you want to send followed by entering the recipient’s information. Then you’ll have the opportunity to select an eGreeting Video or photo and personalize the gift card for delivery. Once the order is placed, a personalized email is sent to the recipient, typically within a few hours. If the recipient does not claim the gift, we will send out a reminder e-mail to you and the recipient.

The Virtual Visa Gift can be used to make purchases online or by telephone wherever Visa Debit cards are accepted within the U.S. anywhere online or over the phone within the U.S.

Gift amounts can be purchased for any dollar amount between $20 and $500. There is a $4.95 processing fee associated with each virtual gift.


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“eGift Cards are wonderful last-minute gifts can can help save money by avoiding shipping charges. I sent my sister an e-Gift Card when we lived on opposite sides of the country. It was nice to send her a just-in-time gift without paying for shipping.”

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