Facebook Messenger (No longer accepting orders)

Not currently. All merchant eGift cards sold by GiftCards.com are redeemable in the U.S. only.

The GiftCards.com Messenger chat extension is created to send merchant eGift cards directly in chat only. To send eGifts and gift cards by other means, please visit GiftCards.com/virtual-gift-cards.

Merchant gift cards do not have any fees. The expiration will vary by merchant and from state to state, please refer to the specific terms and conditions found on each merchant’s page prior to purchasing the eGift card. If there is no expiration date listed, the card will generally be valid as long as the merchant remains solvent.

Merchant eGift cards purchased through the GiftCards.com Messenger chat extension use Facebook payments which allows for secure credit, debit and PayPal payment. Once an order has processed, refunds cannot be issued for any eGift cards.

Please refer to the specific terms and conditions found on each merchant’s product page prior to purchase.

The purchase will appear as PP*GIFTCARDS.COM LLC.

If your purchase failed, check all payment and billing details and try again. If the transaction was completed, you can find it in the transaction history under GiftCards.com on the Facebook Messenger home page and resend. If you do not see the transaction listed in the transaction history, the purchase was not completed and you were not charged.

From the home screen of Facebook Messenger, click on GiftCards.com to find the transaction history. Select the correct transaction and share it with the original recipient again. The merchant eGift cannot be sent to a new recipient. If you do not see the transaction listed, the purchase was not made and your credit card was not charged.

For all questions about your transaction, contact us or call 1 (833) 429-9483.

GiftCards.com cares about your personal information and adheres to Facebook’s privacy requirements. To see the GiftCards.com privacy policy, please visit giftcards.com/privacy-policy.

GiftCards.com, the premier gift card shopping site, has created a new Messenger chat extension that allows you to buy and send merchant eGift cards within the chat in Facebook Messenger. This is a convenient and secure way to send eGift cards to your friends. Only the intended receiver can see the eGift redemption information. Your credit card information is safely stored by Facebook.

Only the recipient can view the merchant eGift card. You will receive a confirmation of the purchase and see the delivery in the chat. Even though Facebook Messenger allows sharing of a message with more than one person, the shared eGift card will be viewable only by the original, intended recipient.

Today GiftCards.com does not allow eGift cards to be sent in a group chat. Only one recipient at a time can receive and view an eGift card.

For any questions or concerns, please follow this link to contact us or call 1 (833) 429-9483.

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