GiftCards.com for Business Reward Cards

GiftCards.com Visa® and Mastercard® Gift or Reward Cards can only be used to make purchases. There is no cash access to the funds on the cards via an ATM or bank transaction.

Funds on GiftCards.com Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards do not expire. The expiration date listed on the front of the card (along with the CVN on the back of the card) is there to allow these cards to be processed by merchants as debit or credit cards. If funds remain on the card after the “Good Thru” date listed on the front of the card, call Customer Service to obtain a no-fee replacement card. However, gift cards that are inactive for more than 12 consecutive months will be charged a $4.95 per month service fee.

If you were given a GiftCards.com Visa card, it is easy to identify the type of your card. On the front in the top right corner, your card will say “gift” or “reward”. If your card says “reward”, you have received a GiftCards.com for Business Reward card. Please review the applicable FAQs below.

Although the front of the GiftCards.com Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards say “Debit,” cards can be processed either as debit or credit transactions. Credit transactions do not require a Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you would like to use a GiftCards.com Visa or Mastercard Gift Card as a debit transaction, visit the Change/Set PIN page.

Please note: the GiftCards.com Visa and Mastercard Gift Card or Reward Card cannot be used to receive cash from an ATM or from a cashier.

All images are subject to review and must meet regulatory requirements by the GiftCards.com compliance team, issuing banks and Visa or Mastercard. For best results, uploaded images must be at least 640 × 480 pixels and must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif or .png.

Content that will NOT be approved:

  • Company names, trademarks, logos, slogans, works of art, copyrighted materials or brands of any third party and their likeness.
  • Celebrities, professional athletes, actors, cartoons or computer game figures that are the sole focus of the image.
  • Advertising or promotional materials or branded products.
  • Phone numbers, addresses, URL addresses, account or PIN numbers.
  • Violence, blood, dead animals, indecency, nudity or semi-nudity.
  • Culturally or socially insensitive text or images or those that show alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms, online or role-playing games or adult entertainment.
  • Text or images that display the views, opinions or beliefs of political groups or religions.
  • Libelous or derogatory or defamatory content.
  • Discriminative or provocative content.
  • Numbers, text or images that might induce misunderstanding.
  • Images that display anti-government behavior or sentiment or content that is in violation of any rules, regulations or laws.
  • Text or images that might result in card acceptance confusion by merchants.
  • Other text or images that are deemed not suitable for any reason for use as a gift card face by GiftCards.com or its partners.

There are no inactivity fees associated with a GiftCards.com for Business Reward Card. However, all GiftCards.com Business Reward Cards, and their remaining balance, expire 12 months after purchase, as communicated by the “Good Thru” date on the front of the card.

Yes. GiftCards.com for Business Reward Cards can be used internationally. However, all international purchases are subject to a 3% transactional fee.

Yes. GiftCards.com for Business Reward Cards and funds have a 12-month expiration. This is communicated on the “Good Thru” date on the front of the card.

No. GiftCards.com for Business Reward Cards do not have ATM or cash access.

Simply look for the word “reward” in the top right-hand corner of your card. If you see “gift”, please review the GiftCards.com Gift Card FAQs.

Yes. Your small business may purchase $10,000 daily (up to 1,000 cards) from GiftCards.com. For any purchases exceeding these limits, you will be alerted at checkout and referred to the corporate sales division OmniCard.com.

Yes. All businesses are subject to a review process completed by the GiftCards.com compliance team. Small businesses must pass all portions of the review for the order to be shipped.

GiftCards.com for Business reward cards are issued by MetaBank®.

The GiftCards.com for Business Reward Card is a Visa Debit reward card for businesses to purchase and give as a reward or incentive to their employees or customers. GiftCards.com for Business Reward Cards can be customized with company logos, branding and messages. Bearing the Visa logo, these cards can be used everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted.

GiftCards.com for Business Reward Cards can be loaded with funds ranging from $10 to $500.

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