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Easy Baseball Coach Gift with Free Printable

No more passing around the ball to sign. This baseball coach gift is easier to make and more practical.

clipboard for coach
turn your pictures into presents

“Gifting Made Easy” by Gift Card Girlfriend

The NCAA Finals were fun to watch, but I’ve got my cleats stuck firmly in baseball season. We’re nearing playoffs which means its time to start planning the end-of-season gifts for coaches. I think it’s especially important to thank coaches at the end of every season (and at the end of every game and practice) because many are doing so strictly as volunteers. While any thank you gift falls short of actual compensation for the time spent, I prefer gifts that touch the heart–even for tough baseball coaches.

Personalized Gift Card

Baseball gift card ideaOf course, we have several predesigned gift cards with baseball and softball themes that work just fine. If you have a great team photo or a shot of the coach’s kid, then I suggest putting that image on the gift card instead. I can assure you that even the most seasoned coach will be impressed. (Read about this football coach gift card I gave last season.)

Free Download
for Baseball Coach

We’ve all seen the signed baseball given to coach at the end of the season. Nice idea, but then he has to make room for the trophy ball at his house or stick it in the ball bucket to use at batting practice next season. I thought it would be more touching to create a downloadable ball image with an inspiring quote about coaching. The downloadable image can be printed and turned into a more elaborate baseball coach gift or can simply act as the card holder for the gift card.

For a personal touch and to add a memory of each kid, have the players sign the ball on the downloaded print. Then take the print and frame it, laminate it, or Mod Podge it onto a clipboard. Deliver the baseball coach gift card along with the “signed baseball.”

Here’s what you need to make this idea happen:

Pinterest Thank You Coach

If you don’t want to give a personalized or customized gift card, that’s okay too. You can tuck a gift card to a sporting goods store or a local department store under the clipboard instead. In this picture, I used a Target gift card that says “Thanks” on it. That’s a solid at-bat for any gift-giver. For more baseball and other coach thank you gift ideas, follow Gift Card Girlfriend on Pinterest.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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