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How to Put a Gift Card in a Balloon

Need an easy way to give a gift card? Hide a gift card in a balloon. Pop the balloon to get it out. It’s a PARTY and a PRESENT all in one!


How to Put a Gift Card in a Balloon

For a long time, I wondered if I could squeeze a gift card into a balloon for a creative birthday gift wrapping idea. Today is the day I decided to answer that question for myself. Figuring the balloon had to be reasonably large in order to coax the gift card in, I bought a party-size balloon at the craft store to give it a go. If you’re not up for putting the gift card into the balloon, then you could clip the card to the balloon string instead. I guess I just wanted the challenge.

I did not use a helium balloon for this experiment because I wanted to test it out for myself. You CAN put a gift card into a helium balloon, but I suggest you insert the gift card first (using the instructions below) BEFORE adding the helium. We don’t want your gift card flying away before it’s tied down.

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Stretch and Slide


If you’ve ever filled a water balloon from a garden hose, then you have the skills needed to get a gift card into a balloon. The process is similar. The keys to success being that you need to stretch the balloon first, get the lip of the balloon well over the edge of the gift card, then fill the balloon with air (not water, though I might try that another day!) so the card will drop into the balloon the rest of the way. Here’s what I did:

1. Open mouth of balloon. Pre-stretch the balloon just like you would if you were going to blow it up immediately. Using your fingers, stretch the lip of the balloon as wide as possible and slide it over the gift card width-wise. Stretching more than just the rim will help get the balloon over the card without ripping the latex.

2. Shimmy further. With the balloon lip over the front edge of the card, slide the back end of the balloon onto the gift card while shimmying the front of the balloon further onto the card–work it on slowly, going from side to side.

3. Blow into balloon. When you finally get the balloon opening to the other side of the gift card (and it looks like a snake that swallowed a baby rodent), blow into the balloon. The balloon should fill up with air, allowing the gift card to fully drop inside. Tie a knot in the end of the balloon, and you’re done. This is where you could opt to fill the balloon with helium instead.

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Popping Games


If you’re giving someone a gift card in a balloon for a birthday present, then you can turn “opening” the gift into a party game. Here are some suggestions.

Balloon Roulette. Give the recipient a pin to pop balloons until the prize is found. Hide fake cards in other balloons or make the birthday boy earn each attempt by eating a piece of cake, doing jumping jacks or another simple feat.

Balloon Bouquet. Buy a dozen balloons and hide small toys or presents in each one. Easy to smuggle gifts include dollar bills, lip balm, small candies, friendship bracelet, coins and more.

Balloon Bounce. Make the recipient pop the balloon by sitting on it–harder than it looks and fun to watch!

How to Add Helium

If you’re planning to fill the gift card balloon with helium, be sure to properly anchor the balloon so it doesn’t fly away, taking your gift along with it. Add the gift cards to the balloons, then ask the balloonist? (What do you call the person who fills balloons?) to carefully fill the balloon. Add a string and anchor to the gift card-filled balloon just like you would a regularly-filled balloon.

More on Pinterest

For more fun ways to present a gift card, follow Gift Card Girlfriend on Pinterest and look at the Easy Gift Card Wrapping Ideas board. If you use this idea, send me a link to your page in the comments below or contact me on Twitter (@GCGirlfriend). I want to see what inspires you.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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