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Shelley Hunter

Top Gift Cards for Men

Best Types of Gift Cards for Men + 10 Nationwide Gift Cards to Please the Man in Your Life!

gift cards for men

A male friend of mine once said, “If I have to return a gift, it’s dead to me.” From the long return lines to the uncomfortable moment of learning how much money the gift is worth, he loathes the process of returning merchandise. As a result, his closet is full of pants that don’t fit, sweaters he won’t wear, and gadgets he’ll never use–all new with tags, some still in gift bags.

While I don’t think any of us enjoy returning gifts, the men I know seem particularly reluctant. That’s why gift cards for men are a popular choice. Recipients can get what they want without the hassle of first returning something they don’t want. So, unless you’re absolutely certain the present you intend to buy is what he wants and is in the right size, style, and color, buy a gift card instead.

Below are the five best types of holiday gift cards for men:

1. Visa or Mastercard® gift cards

Because these gift cards can be used anywhere Visa or Mastercard are accepted, men should be able to buy just about anything they want. From high-end items such as windowpane sport jackets, gourmet dinners, and online concert tickets, to mundane things such as gas and groceries, these versatile gift cards can be used in person or online with almost unlimited creativity.

2. Popular store gift cards

Gift cards for stores that carry a wide selection of merchandise are popular with men. For example, at Target, Walmart, Sears, and JCPenney, men can buy clothes, cooking accessories, automotive supplies, sporting goods equipment, and more. With so many choices, your guy is sure to find something he wants.

3. Favorite restaurant gift cards

From his favorite bistro to the sandwich shop near his office, restaurant gift cards are favored among men. One less meal to “hunt and gather” must be part of the appeal.

4. Experience gift cards

Whether it’s a golf outing, a gourmet cooking class, or the chance to ride shotgun with a professional driving instructor, men are increasingly focused on “experiences.” Adventure gift cards that facilitate checking items off the bucket lists are fun for men to redeem and to tell stories about afterwards.

5. Online store gift cards

While some men dislike going to the store to return merchandise, others detest shopping altogether. For the mall-averse, get a gift card for an online store such as Amazon, eBay, or iTunes. Or branch out with a gift card for a unique online store such as Threadless, Mr. Porter, or Since most physical stores have an online counterpart, it’s fairly easy to get your man a gift card he can use without having to brave the shopping center.

Year after year, gift cards are named the most requested gift on holiday wish lists. So why do we persist in buying anything else? Despite well-meaning attempts, selecting the right size clothes for someone else is a challenge. Matching the recipient’s taste is guesswork. And finding non-clothing items that fit the receiver’s household or lifestyle is a gamble. Unless you guess perfectly, the product you lovingly select this holiday season could end up in the back of the closet before the end of the year. Nobody wants that. So save yourself the anguish of shopping and spare recipients the frustration of return lines. Get gift cards for men this holiday season.

Though you might be tempted to buy the guy in your life a gadget instead of a gift card, read this post on “Gift Cards or Gadgets” and this post on the “Worst Gadgets of 2017 before making a selection.”

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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