Mother’s Day Gift Cards

Make your own Mother’s Day gift cards!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Nothing says “I love you mom” like a homemade Mother’s Day gift, but before you start making thumbprint mugs and noodle necklaces, here is a better idea for Mother’s Day. Make mom a personalized Mother’s Day gift card with her favorite picture or one of our designs. With just a few clicks, you can make the perfect Mother’s Day gift, without the mess!

Below you will find gift cards to make, top brand gift cards to buy, egift cards to send quickly and presentation ideas to make your Mother’s Day gifts more unique. If you don’t find what you need, check out Gift Card Girlfriend’s blog for more gift ideas.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Cards

To make the perfect Mother’s Day gift card, upload a picture of you and mom doing something fun together. Don’t worry about taking a perfectly posed picture, just snap a selfie to easily make a one-of-a-kind Visa® or Mastercard® gift card. Not feeling creative, choose from one of our popular Mother’s Day gift card designs.

Top Brand Mother’s Day Gift Cards

If mom would rather have a gift card to her favorite store or restaurant, then we have a wide assortment of top brand gift cards to choose from. Gift cards to stores like Sephora, DSW, Gap and Target are all great gifts. You might even try one of our newer gift cards like Delta or to treat mom to a one-of-a-kind experience. The Spafinder gift card has been voted one of the best gifts for a single mom and is a versatile gift for any mom so if you know someone who deserves a day of pampering, then check out the Spafinder gift card.

Digital Gift Card

Digital Mother’s Day eGift Cards

The easiest and fastest way to send a gift card is right from your phone or computer. With egift cards, you can upload a personal photo or select a video message and have your egift card delivered in minutes–or scheduled for a future date—whichever works best for your timeframe. If this is the first time you have ordered a digital gift card, we suggest setting it up now and scheduling delivery for the morning of Mother’s Day. When mom checks her phone first thing that day, your sweet digital Mother’s Day egift card will be waiting for her.

Free Mother’s Day Gift Card Holders

If you want the convenience of gift cards, but still want to be able to put a little D-I-Y love into your Mother’s Day gifts, then try our free printable Mother’s Day gift card holders. Some are designed for brand gift cards like Sephora and Ulta while others work best with predesigned Visa or Mastercard gift cards. Just select the gift card holder you want, download it, print it and follow the directions on the blog.

Life is Short Printable

Life is Short. Buy the Shoes!

Beauty on the inside printable

Beauty is on the Inside

Nobody measures up printable

Nobody Measures Up

More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Though Mother’s Day gift guides suggest giving handmade items such as hand-stamped aprons, macaroni necklaces, and “world’s best mom” t-shirts, those gifts are likely to be tossed into a closet the very next day. If you want mom to enjoy her Mother’s Day gift, after the celebration is over, get her a personalized gift card. The card will be every bit as personal as a thumbprint butterfly on a clay pot, but will be significantly more useful. Need some clever ways to make your personalized gift cards more personal?

Here’s how to give Mother’s Day gift cards:

  1. Fashionista Mom. Find a picture of mom from the good ol’ days, in her “mom jeans” and big 80’s hair. Upload the photo to make a gift card and add, “You Still Got It” to the custom message line. Deliver the gift card with one of mom’s beauty staples (e.g. her favorite lipstick, a new hair towel) or tuck it into a new travel makeup bag.
  2. Power Mom. Electronics are no longer reserved for just men and teenagers. Technology-savvy moms are powering up with smartphones, earpieces, and more. Put a photo of mom’s current phone on a gift card and write a note that reads, “Time for an Upgrade.”
  3. Sporty Mom. From tennis to canyoneering, active moms will appreciate a gift card that can be used to buy new equipment or to pay for a massage after her next endurance challenge. Make a custom gift card with a photo of mom doing her favorite fitness activity and deliver it with a new water bottle and an offer to watch the kids when she leaves.
  4. Crafty Mom. Whether she makes jewelry, sews pillows, or installs her own crown molding, a personalized Visa® gift card can be used to purchase DIY supplies from just about anywhere. Upload a glamor shot of mom for the gift card and write, “Next Design Star” on the message line. Punch a hole in the corner of the gift card (being careful not to punch the magnetic stripe) and use a ribbon to tie the gift card to the handle of a new pair of scissors.

If you do not have time to get crafty, select a Mother’s Day gift card design from our predesigned gallery.

In addition to all these gift cards you can get for mom, Gift Card Girlfriend has several more ideas on her blog. Check out the Mother’s Day gift card hub, where you will links to all of her posts for and about mom. Have questions? Enter them in the comments below and Gift Card Girlfriend will give you the answers.