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{Free Printable} Graduation Gift Card: Tassel Worth the Hassle

Finals are over and the work is done. Time to celebrate with this graduation gift card that says “The Tassel is Worth the Hassle!”

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Whether graduating from high school, college or even higher education, that tassel hanging from a mortarboard is certainly hard-earned. Celebrate graduates of all ages with this free printable graduation gift card holder that says, “The Tassel is Worth the Hassle.”

Lucky for you, putting it together isn’t much hassle at all. Simply print it out, add a tassel (if you want), stick a gift card on the holder and you’re ready for the party. With a matching Visa gift card, the recipient can decide how to commemorate this achievement. With a store or retailer gift card instead, a trip to the mall may be in order. Either way, the fun is about to begin.

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Order Gift Card and Download Printable

For this graduation gift card, we have two matching printable gift card holders. If you want the recipient to see the gift card immediately, then print the flat gift card holder and show off the gift card. If you’d rather keep the gift card secret until the present is opened, then try the flat gift card holder. And although our gift card matches perfectly, I’ve added a couple of examples of fun retailer gift cards that graduates will appreciate as well.

Order Graduation Tassel Visa® Gift Card

Download Free Matching Graduation Tassel Flat Gift Card Holder

Download Free Matching Graduation Tassel Folded Gift Card Holder

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Print and Cut

After downloading the graduation holder, print it on a color printer using “best quality” and “actual size” settings. (Do not select “shrink to fit” or any other setting that will change the size of the printed .pdf image.) White, card stock paper measuring 8-1/2″ x 11″ works best. Cut the holder with a paper cutter using the trim marks as a guide.

graduation gift card printable

The flat gift card holder can be presented as soon as the gift card is attached to it. However, I like to add embellishments such as washi tape, glitter, paint and other fun accessories. Because this gift card holder says, “The Tassel is Worth the Hassle,” I naturally added a graduation tassel that I made out of embroidery thread.

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Make the Folded Holder

If you look at the printed side of the folded gift card holder, you’ll see that the card should be folded where the blue card meets the white space. Although the fold lines are clearly visible on the printed side, I always score card stock before folding it so the lines are crisp and clear. To score the card on the opposite side, I measure the card first. For me, the fold lines are at the 3″ and 6-1/4″ marks. (Measure your card to be sure you have the same measurements.)

measure holder

Using a pencil, mark the back side (white side) of the carrier at those measurements.

mark gift card holder

Using a bone folder (or another sorta-sharp instrument you have around the house like the back of a butter knife or the edge of the plastic gift card), use a ruler to score the paper on the fold lines.

score gift card holder

Fold the gift card holder as shown so it makes a little pocket, perfectly sized to hold the graduation gift card of your choosing. Using double-sided tape or a glue stick, seal the edges of the gift card pocket, then put the gift card inside. Write a personal note in the white space above the card.

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Fancy it Up

Just like the flat gift card holder, I added a simple tassel made of embroidery thread to the folded gift card holder. By tying a knot to the top of the tassel, the gift card holder can easily be attached to a small gift to be enjoyed immediately. For example, you might tie this graduation gift card holder to a bouquet of flowers, tie it around a bottle of sparkling apple cider or tie it to a favorite candy bar.

completed printable

Although I prefer the matching Visa gift card that goes with this printable, there are several retailer gift cards that make nice graduation presents as well. Below you’ll find both the flat and the folded gift card holders pictured with an Amazon gift card and a Best Buy gift card.

other retail cards can go insidegift card printable with amazon and best buy gift cards

Send it in the Mail

mail graduation gift cardIf graduate doesn’t live nearby, but you still want to send a graduation gift card, then order the Graduation Tassel Visa gift card and select the standard greeting card option. Take a moment to personalize the gift card and greeting card with graduate’s name and a special message. Tell us where to send the card and we’ll take care of the rest!

More on Pinterest

For more free printable gift card holders, check out the free prints page or follow Gift Card Girlfriend on Pinterest. If you use this printable, send me a link to your page in the comments below or contact me on Twitter (@GCGirlfriend). I want to see what inspires you.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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