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What Are Happy You eGift Cards and How Do They Work?

How Happy You egift cards work, where to redeem Happy You egift cards and what the recipient receives with a Happy You egift card.

What are Happy You eGift Cards?

Happy You egift cards are part of a growing collection of gift cards in the Happy Cards family. As with the physical Happy Cards, the Happy You egift card is redeemable at any of the stores or restaurants listed on the card. The difference between the original physical cards and this digital card is that the digital egift card is usable online and is “swapped” for egift cards from the brands the recipient chooses.

How do Happy You eGift Cards Work?

Simply put, the recipient receives a Happy You egift card via email. The email contains instructions for “swapping” the Happy You card for one (or more) of the merchant egift cards listed. Once the selection is made, the selected store and/or restaurant egift cards are emailed to the recipient. The recipient can then use those merchant cards in stores or online.

The process requires an extra step (compared to receiving an egift card directly from a merchant), but I found it to be fairly easy to understand and execute.

Below are the steps I took to turn a Happy You egift card into an Ulta eGift Card.

Step 1: Receive Happy You eGift Card

Happy You egift card before swap

The recipient receives an email announcing the arrival of the Happy You egift card. The email contains simple instructions for “swapping” the Happy You egift card for one or more brand egift cards. (Swap your Happy You egift card.)

Step 2: “Swap” the Happy You eGift Card

Happy You egift card swap

One of the great things about the Happy You egift card “swap” process is that you can divvy up the card into multiple egift card selections if the gift card balance allows. If you have a $100 Happy You egift card, for example, you could redeem part of it for a $25 Ulta egift card, throw $50 to a Macy’s egift card and spend the remaining value on a Cheesecake Factory egift card. I like that flexibility.

Step 3: Receive the Selected Brand eGift Card(s)

Happy You egift card after swap

Shortly after selecting an Ulta egift card for the full gift card amount of $25, I received an Ulta egift card in my email inbox. This email said I needed to click the link to see the Ulta gift card number, print the Ulta egift card to take it to the store or copy the egift card number into the online checkout process for use at The entire “swap” transaction only took a couple of minutes.

Step 4: Use the Selected Brand eGift Card(s)

Ulta egift card and swap

I wanted to get advice from the beauty professionals at Ulta, so I opted to print the Ulta egift card and take it with me to the store. I also had a coupon I wanted to use and an Ulta birthday gift to snag. The cashier had no trouble stacking the coupons onto the egift card and allowing me to complete the purchase with my debit card. Done and done!

Differences Between Physical Happy Cards and Happy You eGift Card

There are two differences between the original physical cards and this newly launched digital card as follows:

1. Redeeming Happy You eGift Cards Include a “Swap”: The plastic Happy Cards (such as Happy Teen, Happy Dining and Happy Eats) are usable at the stores and restaurants listed on the card. You simply take the card to the store (or stores) of your choice and use the card to pay for goods or services. With the Happy You egift card, the recipient goes to the redeem website listed on the card and trades it for one (or more) of the brand gift cards available. As explained above, you MUST take this step in order to use the card.

2. Happy You eGift Cards are Usable Online: The plastic Happy Cards must be used in stores. The Happy You egift card was designed to give customers the option to use the gift card chosen at redemption either in stores or online.

Read these posts if you’re having trouble using a Happy Card online or your Happy Card isn’t working.

Benefits of Happy You eGift Cards

If you need a gift to be delivered by a specific date and you don’t want to pay extra for expedited shipping, then send a Happy You egift card. In addition to the flexibility mentioned above, you can order it early and schedule delivery for a later date, you can add a personal message to the egift and you can feel confident that the recipient will be able to use the egift card with ease.

I think this gift is a particularly good option for younger people who are frequently on their phones. They can receive the gift, “swap” it and redeem with very little effort.

If you have other questions about the Happy You egift card, let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter (@GCGirlfriend) or Instagram (@Gift.Card.Girlfriend). I’d love to help you out.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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