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6 Simple DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids to Make

Father’s Day is on the third Sunday in June. However, you shouldn’t wait until the third Saturday in June to figure out what you’re getting for the dads in your life. Though, if you do wait too long, these simple DIY Father’s Day gifts ideas can be done in no time and are perfect for kids to make. From markers on mugs to remote controls you can eat, there’s a gift for every dad from kids of all ages. If you’re not feeling crafty (or haven’t waited until the last minute), then you should look at the DIY Father’s Day gift cards you can order from us.


To Dad from Preschoolers

Forget the screen-printed “#1 Dad” mugs that you can find at the dollar store. These handcrafted mugs from Eureka! {discovering preschool} are worth much more. True works of art from the little hands in your house will make dad smile every time he pulls a cup out of the cupboard. They make great pencil holders for office-working dads too!

make dad a mug

To Dad from Younger Grade School Kids

This one-of-a-kind, printable book from Eighteen25 is the perfect DIY gift for dad or grandpa because it’s easy to make and still quite memorable. Reading Junior’s heartfelt thoughts may draw a tear or two out of dad and probably a laugh as well. Though priceless, this gift can be made for pennies.

printable book for dad


To Dad from Older Grade School Kids

The picture book above is darling, but even older elementary-age kids have some insights you’ll want to treasure. With this free printable Father’s Day questionnaire, you can capture this moment in time with little effort and no cost. Paging Supermom knows what it’s all about. Have your kids make a frame for the survey or deliver it in a greeting card. Dad will love it either way.

Father's Day questionnaire

To Dad from Middle Schoolers

As kids move into middle school, they start to question authority and ground rules. Dad’s chair is suddenly no longer sacred and the remote control won’t be acquiesced when the elder steps in the room either. Remind middle schoolers to honor their fathers with this remote control cookie from Somewhat Simple. Then make sure pre-teens give dad the real remote (and his favorite chair) for the rest of the day.

remote control cookie

To Dad from High School Kids

Don’t make this Father’s Day gift from Kiki and Company unless your kids will follow-through. (I still have unredeemed Mother’s Day coupons that my kids have yet to honor!) If your teens are game, however, dad will be too. Print these adorable coupons and add your own chores, treats and other things Dad would love to receive on his day off. I’d even love to see a Home Depot gift card tucked inside of this toolbox printable.

toolbox coupon book

To Dad from College Kids

I recently bought a root beer sampler just like this for my family. I figured we’d have a contest to see which brew really is the best. Maybe your dad or grandpa would enjoy a similar activity, or perhaps he’d rather keep them all to himself. Either way, this Father’s Day gift homemade by Jill is a keeper. Gather up his favorite flavors and enjoy!

rootbeer sampler for dad

Of course, another great gift you can make for dad is a personalized gift card. Our Visa® and MasterCard® gift cards can be used almost anywhere. If you want to pick one of dad’s favorite stores, however, try our branded gift cards instead. Does he like the outdoors? Personalize a Cabela’s gift card with a picture of the last time the two of you went fishing. Deliver it with a new lure, scheduled fishing day on the calendar or snacks for the trip. If the one thing he really needs is to spend time with his kids on this special day, use one of our gift cards to make that happen.

Do you have any great Father’s Day crafts to share? Send me a link or Tweet me at @GCGirlfriend. I’m always looking for great ideas.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Gift Card Girlfriend

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