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Chapter 11 Gift Card Watchlist

When a company files Chapter 11, outstanding gift cards become just as vulnerable as the business itself. List of gift cards to keep an eye on in credit: Borders Book Bankruptcy? via photopin (license)The Bankruptcy Gift Card Conundrum When a store or restaurant files Chapter 11, the company goes into a reorganization process with a plan to make the business profitable and to figure out how to pay creditors over a period of time. Although the hope is that the business will be saved, other scenarios can occur such as shuttering the doors completely, selling the company as a whole or selling parts of the company to a new owner. The problem for gift card holders is that when a company is in this type of financial trouble, outstanding gift cards become just as vulnerable as the business itself. In fact, the cards are often deemed immediately useless even though stores are open and merchandise remains on the shelves. While some companies ask the courts for permission   Read More »
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Can You Wrap a Gift Card in a Balloon? Why Yes!

Along with other creative ways to present a gift card, I've always wondered if I could hide a gift card inside a balloon. The answer is Yes! Here's how."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend For a long time, I wondered if I could squeeze a gift card into a balloon for a creative birthday  Read More »

What To Do with Gift Card to Store in Bankruptcy

Quickly use gift cards to stores in financial trouble. If store goes into bankruptcy, courts will decide if (and for how long) gift cards will be credit: Shuttered Radio Shack Store Washington DC 52160 via photopin (license)RadioShack Pulls Plug on Gift Cards March 6 Earlier  Read More »
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