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Gift Card Girlfriend Blog

Shelley Hunter

Donate Happy Cards Gift Card Baskets to Your Next Auction!

Put Happy Card Gift Cards in your next gift card basket for an easy way to make your fundraiser donations more fun!


Into DIY Gifting? Personalized Visa® Gift Cards make perfect fundraiser gifts too!

Fundraiser Gift Baskets

My son’s football team is holding its annual fundraiser so naturally parents are expected to donate items that can be raffled off for prizes or auctioned off at a silent auction. With the launch of our Happy Card Gift Cards, I thought it would be fun to create a bunch of baskets for this event. With Happy Card Gift Cards, picking a theme for each basket is a cinch. Since this is a family fundraiser, I made four gift card baskets: Happy Guy, Happy Lady, Happy Teen and Happy Kid. Keep reading to see what I put in each one.

If you’re looking for more gift card baskets, gift card trees, gift card wreaths and other fun ways to put gift cards together for a fundraiser, you can also check out my Pinterest Board: Gift Card Trees and Gift Card Wreaths. I have many fun ideas there as well.

Tips on Donating Gift Cards for Fundraisers

Before we get started on the Happy Card Gift Card baskets, I want to give you a few tips on donating gift cards for fundraisers and other charitable events. First I will talk about why gift cards are great items to donate and then I will give you some suggestions on ways to make sure your gift card donation is a popular item at the auction.

Why Gift Cards Make Great Donations

I used to help small businesses start gift card programs. One of my clients said that he wanted to have a gift card available so he could donate something other than products to local schools, sports programs and charities when they solicited his help. Up to that point, he donated products–sometimes he put products in a gift baskets that he created, other times he threw goodies in a bag for the fundraising committee to distribute as they liked. In either case, he donated the items and never knew what happened after that. When he started to donate gift cards, however, he could see that doing so increased his brand visibility in the community and brought new customers through his doors because the person who bought or won the gift card had to come into his shop to redeem it.

Unlike products and services that might not sell for what they are worth, I find that gift cards generally get auctioned off for face value or more. Early bidders often look to buy gift cards for less than face value, but the winning bidders often pay exactly what the gift card is worth or a little more. So buying a gift card at face value (or a little more)… Read More »

Shelley Hunter

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